Frequently Asked Questions

What can I leave at my loved one’s grave?
Please refer to our Floral Guidelines, click here to download.

How are religious customs and practices handled at Knollwood?
Knollwood serves all faiths. As a nonsectarian cemetery we respect all religious customs and practices as long as they do not conflict with our operation of the cemetery or the rules and regulation of the Park.

How many can be buried in one space?
In our side-by-side Gardens each space will accommodate one full size burial or two cremated remains burials.  In our Lawn crypt area two full size burials in one space within a lawn crypt. The lawn crypt is pre-set during development of a section so that at the time of a lot purchase the vault is part of the purchase, thereby eliminating a future purchase.

Who can be buried in my lot?
As the lot owner, you or your heir(s) will determine who will be buried in your lot. Any unused spaces will remain as part of your family’s cemetery property.

Why doesn’t Knollwood use headstones?
Knollwood was developed as a memorial park. The natural beauty of the area is not impaired by many rows of tombstones.  Rather, flush bronze memorials that are level with the lawn are used to memorialize a grave.  These beautiful bronze plaques may be purchased either for a single grave or as a companion for two side-by-side graves.

How big is a family lot?
There is no set size of a family lot.  It is determined by how many people you are responsible for and how many of the people in your family are interested in being included in the lot.

Is cremation burial an option?
Yes. Cremated remains may be buried in lawn spaces, private family estate spaces, in one of our Urn Gardens or in our indoor Columbarium.

Do you have a Veterans section?
Yes. Knollwood has a long history of working very closely with Veterans.  In fact, we have multiple sections dedicated to Veterans and their families.  For more details and information on our Veterans program, please contact us.

How do I schedule an appointment to speak with a Family Service Counselor?
Email us, call us at 781-828-7218.