Knollwood does not have facilities to perform the actual cremation but as a large regional cemetery it provides many options for the burial and entombment of cremation urns including:

Columbarium: Within the serenity of the West Chapel, a beautiful bronze columbarium with beveled glass fronts is available for the placement of cremation urns.

Cremation Garden: A special section set aside within an established memorial garden has been set aside for the exclusive use of the burial of cremated remains.

Garden of the Cross: Individual cremation spaces. Located within this establish section, cremation spaces have been developed for the ground burial of cremated remains.

Pine Knoll (Scattering Garden): This is an area set aside for the exclusive purpose of scattering cremated remains. The scattering is done in a specific space so that the cremated remains can be covered with soil. This spot cannot be marked individually but a central bronze tablet is available in the Garden to add the names and dates of all those interred within its borders.

Lot spaces: Two cremated remains may be buried in one lot space. This is available anywhere throughout the cemetery.

Tree Space: A cremation space may be available within an area set aside for a tree. Remains may also be buried in special areas in gardens even if there are no trees.